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In "Anna's Workshop," middle-school- and high-school-aged youths design and create Quilt panels in memory of Rhode Islanders lost to AIDS.

At each workshop session, we provide an age-appropriate orientation to the project, all of the materials needed to make panels, and brief biographies of the people who will be commemorated through the teenagers' panels.

"Anna's Workshop" programs may take place in a single day, or be spread out over several sessions. Workshop groups may vary in size. School, community and religious groups are eligible for the program, which is offered without charge through a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Health. People requesting panels are encouraged, but not required, to participate. Volunteer leaders are trained, and earn stipends.

To find out how you can help Anna's Workshop, Click Here.

For information about scheduling a program, or about having a panel made in memory of someone you've lost, contact:

Beth Milham
(401) 847-7637

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