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The Blue Candle

The Blue Candle is a symbol of HOPE for people living with AIDS (PLWA).

Inspiration for "The Blue Candle" symbol came out of the "Mothers Against Polio" movement of the 1950s; during that decade, mothers placed candles in their windows and turned on porch lights each day until a cure for polio was discovered. This unique show of support and commitment encouraged a nationwide effort to eradicate the threat of polio in the United States.

The blue candle's color symbolizes hope, as it provides light against the darkness of the HIV crisis. The candle is lit each day to remind each of us why our individual contributions are so important in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The candle also reminds us that hope is essential for human survival. All of us can remind our communities that no cure for AIDS has yet been found by keeping blue candles lit in prominent windows in our homes. Electric holiday lights with blue bulbs serve as durable, year-round reminders that AIDS is still with us.

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